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CSI Thermal Program

California Solar Initiative
CSI-Thermal Program

Higher rebates now available for solar water heating systems

The CSI-Thermal Program offers cash rebates of up to $4,366 on solar water heating systems for single-family residential customers. Multifamily and Commercial properties qualify for rebates of up to $800,000 on solar water heating systems and eligible solar pool heating systems qualify for rebates of up to $500,000. Save money on gas or electricity bills by harnessing the heat of the sun!

Funding for the CSI-Thermal program comes from ratepayers of PG&E, SCE, SoCalGas, and SDG&E. The rebate program is overseen by the California Public Utilities Commission as part of the California Solar Initiative.

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Select your utility below to learn more about solar water heating and access rebate information specific to your location.

Southern California Gas Company® (SoCalGas)

Pacific Gas and Electric Company® (PG&E)
Residential | Business

San Diego Gas & Electric Company® (SDG&E) - Center for Sustainable Energy® (CSE) is the Program Administrator in SDG&E service territory.
Residential | Business

Find out if you qualify

How much you'll save

Rebates vary depending on the type of solar water heating system, location, shading and other design factors. A typical homeowner with a solar water heating system displacing natural gas can expect a rebate of about $3,500 at the initial incentive level. Eligible low-income natural gas customers may qualify for higher incentives under the Low Income Program. Incentives will decline over time as the program meets certain benchmarks, so customers are encouraged to apply for their rebate early. To learn more about how much you will save, check the solar events calendar for a free solar hot water information class in your utility area.

Finding an Eligible Solar Thermal Contractor

Contractors and self-installers must become eligible to participate in the CSI-Thermal Program by taking a one-day training class offered by the CSI-Thermal Program Administrators. A listing of all eligible CSI-Thermal Solar Water Heating Contractors is provided for consumers.

Your solar water heating contractor will complete and submit the incentive application paperwork for you.

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