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CSI Thermal Program

Solar Thermal Contractors

The California Public Utilities Commission, California Energy Commission, and CSI-Thermal Program Administrators provide information on finding contractors (including lists herein) for information purposes only and do not endorse any specific contractor, nor do they guarantee the quality of a contractor's work or provide any warranty on the work or products purchased from the contractor.

Choosing a Licensed Solar Contractor

Tips for choosing a contractor:

Finding a Solar Hot Water Licensed Contractor

The CSI-Thermal Program maintains a list of eligible contractors that meet licensing and other requirements for participating in the program. Eligible contractors are also required to take a one-day training class that explains CSI-Thermal Program rules, standards and protocols.

Self-installers are also required to take the one-day training course in order to receive a CSI-Thermal Incentive payment. Classes are held on a regular basis. Contractors and self-installers wishing to take the class should contact the Program Administrator in their area for a schedule of classes and information on how to enroll.