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Mistakes When Buying or Going Solar

Waiting for Prices to Drop

The hype in the mainstream media about batteries has made people question the economic efficiency of solar energy. Accordingly, most people have called off their quest to buy solar energy systems because they want to wait until the batteries become more affordable. However, despite the projections that batteries are expected to decline annually, the decision to wait until they become affordable is not sound since you continue paying the high cost of electricity. Therefore, you don't need to lose years of savings just waiting for cheaper batteries before making a move to use clean and efficient energy.

Failing to Get Multiple Quotes

Another major issue that arises when it comes to purchasing or going solar is the fact that individuals fail to ask around for the best prices for solar products. Failing to get multiple quotes exposes you to fraudsters who will not hesitate to overcharge you. The process of getting different quotes may be tiring, but it is always worth it. With multiple quotes, you can easily calculate and determine whether solar is the best choice for you. Furthermore, you get insight into how to get the best prices for the best quality products, which can ensure efficiency and durability.

Lack of Knowledge on the Proper size of Solar System to Suit your Needs

One of the most important aspects of solar energy system installation is knowing your energy needs so that you can choose the best system that can satisfy your needs. A significant issue that most people experience when purchasing solar energy systems for the first time is that they do not understand the right size of design for them; hence they may end up getting a more minor system that may not be suitable for their needs, or they may get a system that is too big for them, thus wasting a lot of money.

Lack of Knowledge of Rebate and Payback Calculations from Solar

Solar Rebate is a federal government financial incentive. The main issue that faces individuals the lack knowledge of these financial incentives is that they fail to take advantage of the discounted prices that are available to them in the current market. Accordingly, some individuals end up spending a lot of money purchasing the solar energy system only to realize later that they could have gotten the same system for a lower price if they were keen enough to capitalize on the federal financial incentives. With this in mind, it is vital to educate yourself on solar energy so as to learn essential facts that could help you get a better deal.

Not Asking Difficult Questions to Sellers and Installers

Another big mistake that newbies make when it comes to purchasing solar equipment or going solar is that they fail to ask sellers and installers difficult questions which they need to be answered.

It is essential to show that you actually know what you want by asking tough questions so that they are unable to take advantage of you in the process of purchasing or installing the system.

Showing that you are actually well-educated on the topic of solar energy could deter people from taking advantage of you since they realize you cannot be easily manipulated. Moreover, asking questions also boosts your confidence since you get more information when you ask questions.

Not Knowing What Protections, you are entitled to as a Consumer

A shocking fact that you should always know is that you are not supposed to believe everything a salesperson tells you. Some people tend to believe everything they are told instead of doing their own research to ascertain the facts.

Information about solar energy is readily available online from trusted sources and therefore, consumers are supposed to know their rights, privileges, and drawbacks.

This ensures that even when faced with fraudsters, consumers can quickly identify when they are being taken advantage of and take the appropriate steps.

As a beginner, when it comes to switching to solar energy, it is essential to focus on learning what you are entitled to so that you can protect yourself.

Making assumptions about the space you plan to use

Another mistake that people make is that they make assumptions about the areas in which they plan to install the solar system. This means that some people end up overestimating or underestimating the space they have for installing the solar system.

Furthermore, individuals in society end up making a lot of mistakes because they choose solar systems based on the amount of space, they believe they have instead of basing their choice on their needs.

This mistake proves exceptionally detrimental to the individual as they end up making the wrong choices and losing out on the benefits of a sound solar system.

How to Avoid Making Mistakes When Purchasing a Solar System


Talk to a solar expert at any company of choice who will ask you a few questions that determine if your home is suitable for solar and whether you should buy or lease your system (most people lease). If your home qualifies, they’ll give you a quote and a customized drawing of your home's new solar design. All you have to do after this is give your consent, and the experts will cater to everything. The experts you have chosen will deal with all the details, and all you have to do is supervise the work to ensure everything is being done effectively and efficiently.

Design Approval

Now sit back and relax while the experts get your system design approved by the city and then do the installation work themselves. The experts submit all the paperwork and schedule the inspections and permits while you go about your life. This is advantageous to you since it is hassle-free. Once the experts have the licenses, they select one of their certified partners who will install your system.

Final Inspection

Once your brand-new, efficient solar panels are on the roof, the city will do one final inspection. This is to ensure that the installation and quality of the solar tools are proper for safety reasons. However, you do not have to worry about these details of the inspection since the experts you chose will handle that too. The process of assessment is done swiftly, and the city decides whether there is any issue that needs to be rectified or if the installation is up to the required standards. Whatever happens in the installation, you do not need to worry since the experts deal with everything.

Connection to the Grid

This is the moment you've been waiting for. Your utility company experts will come to your home and install a net meter that connects your Sunrun system to the grid. Now, all that's left for you to do is turn on your system and start saving. Some experts offer clients services like free system monitoring, insurance, and maintenance, plus an expert team of Customer Care associates and an online portal where you can check on your solar production stats anytime. It’s no wonder more than half a million Americans are choosing solar power. Go solar today with a certified solar company and save a lot of money relying on the sun’s energy.

Solar Panels in Rohnert Park, California

In Rohnert Park, California, the average cost of a solar panel is $2.93/W. The average installation in Rohnert Park, CA, ranges between $12452 to $16848. Moreover, the average gross price of the solar is estimated to be $14650. However, after accounting for the 30% federal investment tax credit as well as other state and local incentives, individuals can save a significant amount of money in their purchase and installation process.

Rohnert Park is a city in Sonoma County, California. The population of Rohnert Park in the 2020 Census was over 44000 people. In Rohnert Park and the Bay Area, electricity can be quite expensive, hence the need for investing in solar energy as a way to save and get reliable energy. In addition, in California state where electricity is not so reliable due to heat waves and natural disasters means that individuals face a lot of challenges.

Solar Panel Installation Cost Breakdown - 2.jpg

Extreme Heat Causing Power Outages

California is one of the states in the U.S. that experiences extreme heat waves, which create a lot of negative impacts on residents and businesses. However, with the existence of solar panel technology, residents and business owners can easily avoid experiencing the adverse effects of heat waves by installing solar panels and enjoying a reduced electric bill every month.

California is well known for the prevalence of wildfires, which requires residents to always be prepared for natural disasters, and depending on the prediction, electricity is not a sound decision. As such, installing solar panels is extremely important as it ensures residents are always assured of consistent power so that they can tackle any form of natural disaster when it attacks. The use of solar panels in Rohnert Park ensures that the environment is protected, especially at a period when climate change continues to occur.

The Sunny Climate of Rohnert Park is Ideal for Solar Power

Solar Panel Benefits - 2.jpg

The ideal location of Rohnert Park in Sonoma County ensures that it gets plenty of sunny skies necessary to maximize the efficiency of the solar panels. In addition, the federal tax incentive that reaches 26%, coupled with different state incentives, has made solar less expensive and easier to add to any Rohnert Park home.

These costs are typical for solar shoppers comparing solar quotes on the EnergySage Marketplace. When you compare quotes for solar panels on EnergySage's competitive solar marketplace, you can expect to see prices up to 20% lower than working with a single solar company. Therefore, you can search for different vendors in Rohnert Park to make price and equipment comparisons for the best products and prices.

Solar Energy Promotes Access to Efficient and Clean Energy

If you have a home in the Rohnert Park area and you suffer from occasional blackouts or long-term power outages, it may be a good idea to consider backup batteries for home solar installations. Once the utility grid loses power due to accidents, storms, fires, or maintenance issues, you can experience a lot of challenges, especially in the midst of a crisis.

The convenience and dependability associated with solar energy are one of its most significant selling points. The fact that solar energy is also essential as it promotes environmental protection makes it an excellent choice for people who care about their surroundings.

Installation of a solar backup battery for your home is helpful since it;

Ensure dependable, safe power when the grid is down

Maintain power during peak times like scorching afternoons

Provide greater peace of mind and independence

Keep your family protected during outages

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Our electric bill was out of control and we had few options to keep our bills down. Literally, we were recommended Go Solar by a helpful friend and they gave us the news about solar installation options. The solar-grid system works great and our bank account is beautiful because we are saving so much money now with our electric bill. We wish we would have switched to solar power sooner. Call Go Solar out to your home today!


My family had a spectacular experience with this company. They installed a total of 10 solar panels. I have been saving a tremendous amount of money on my electricity bill since they have been finished, so I had to say thank you again and again. I will absolutely recommend them to my family and friends. Go Solar is professional and inexpensive!


They showed us some of their options for systems homes in our area. Go Solar was professional and went straight to the most important points about solar panels which gave us a great advantage with our electricity output. I can highly recommend these guys! We saved a bundle on our electric bill which I was so proud of. The solar panel cost was affordable and the solar system works wonderfully. I highly recommend them!


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