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Solar Myths and Misconceptions

Myth 1: Solar Only works When the Sun is Shining

One of the primary myths that people have concerning solar energy is the notion that it only works when the sun is shining. Since solar energy relies on the sun's radiation to generate the necessary energy that can be transformed into electricity, a lot of people believe that at night it is impossible to use solar energy since there is no sunlight. Furthermore, individuals also believe that at times when the climate changes during the day, like when it rains or heavy clouds form, thenthe solar system becomes inefficient. Therefore, people tend to have the notion that weather changes during the day hinder sunlight, thus hindering the collection of energy by the solar system.

Fact: Solar energy can be leveraged in any climatic condition because sunlight still penetrates and reaches the earth. In fact, solar panels can work best in cold sunny conditions because heat interferes with the energy conversion process. When it comes to the problem of lack of sunlight at night, the solar system bridges this problem through the use of battery storage. Battery storage can be connected to the solar system to ensure that energy collected during the day is stored and used at night when there is no sunlight.

Myth 2: Solar Panels Aren’t Efficient Enough

Another popular myth that individuals have regarding solar panels is that they are not efficient enough in collecting and converting energy to electricity. The fact that solar panels are described to have an efficiency rate of 22% makes people think that this means their efficiency is low because they are not 100%. Accordingly, a lot of people tend to feel that solar is a waste of money because it does not operate at the highest level of efficiency, meaning that purchasing it is a bad idea. This notion influences a lot of people’s decision to buy solar energy by deterring them from the thought that the system will struggle to produce enough electricity to suit their needs.

Fact: The world record for a solar cell at room temperature under regular sunlight is 39%. However, these cells are too costly, thus making them unrealistic investments for home use. The solar cell captures sunlight and converts this sunlight energy to electricity. When the sunlight hits the solar panel, some light is transformed into heat, while the infrared light, which also makes up part of sunlight, is reflected off the summit. Therefore, 100% efficiency for the solar panels is not possible since the solar panels do not convert all of the sunlight.

Myth 3: Solar is too Expensive

Another central myth that is extremely popular regarding solar systems is that they are expensive to purchase and install. Most people believe that since the solar system involves a lot of elements, such as the panels, wiring, converters, battery system, and labor prices for the installation, it is very costly to go solar. Since solar has not really gotten mainstream popularity in society, a lot of people tend to associate it with rich people in society. Accordingly, most people cannot even think of going solar because they are convinced there is no way they can meet the financial obligations required to have a functional system installed.

Fact: While the price of installing solar for the first time might be a bit high, companies do not charge the client the entire amount at the time of installation. Solar firms offer their customers some solar financing options that make the purchase more affordable. In addition, there are federal and state tax incentives and rebates that reduce the cost of going solar so that it becomes more affordable for most of the population. In a state like California, there are effective tax incentives that ensure individuals' shift to solar energy is swift for those that are keen on getting affordable, reliable, and clean energy for use at home.

Myth 4: I Don't Own My House, So I Can’t Go Solar

Another major misconception about solar is the notion that since one rent or lives in an apartment building, then they cannot go solar. Most people tend to think that to enjoy solar energy, you have to own your own house so that you can get enough space to install the panels. The primary motivation behind this idea is the fact that living in a rented apartment and trying to go solar would mean interfering with other tenants and causing a disturbance. This notion ensures that people living in rented apartments avoid the aspect of solar energy entirely because they feel it is not achievable due to their current living conditions.

Fact: People residing in apartment buildings or rented houses can also experience the benefits of solar energy since there are community solar programs available for them. Community solar programs are solar systems that enable individuals to benefit from a shared solar system. These solar systems are installed on the building or on another site, and the installation and maintenance costs are shared between the users. In addition, any interested party or tenant can buy solar energy based on the budget they can afford. This communal system ensures that individuals experience the advantages of solar in a cheaper way before investing in their personal systems after upgrading to their own houses.

Myth 5: Solar Panels Are Bulky and Ugly

The notion that solar panels are bulky and ugly is another misconception prevalent in modern society. Since a typical solar panel is significant because of the screen that captures sunlight, many people feel that it is too big and takes up too much space. Furthermore, the fact that a solar system requires more than one solar system makes people feel like the space necessary to install the solar system need to be considered huge. As such, a lot of people tend to have the notion that solar panels take up too much space, which deters them from purchasing them.

Fact: Solar panels can often be positioned to minimize visual impact. Fence screening can be used on ground mounts, and a rooftop array may be hard to see from the ground. Accordingly, the issue of solar panels being too big is not really an issue since the solar panels are mounted in areas that are not easily visible to people, such as the rooftops. In addition, development in technology has promoted new innovations where the panels can be integrated into the structure of the building, thus using up less space. Moreover, solar panel skins are another technology currently being developed that will ensure individuals can customize how the panels look.

Myth 6: Solar Panels Use More Energy Than They Produce

Another major misconception about solar panels is the idea that they use up more energy compared to their output. The assumption most people have about solar panels is that the process of converting sunlight may use a lot of energy, leaving very little for electricity production. As such, they believe that even though solar panels are a great idea, they are incapable of producing enough energy to sustain a home. Accordingly, a lot of people without enough knowledge tend to be easily discouraged by this misconception as they feel solar power is not worth it.

Fact: A National Renewable Energy Laboratory study found that the manufacturing energy cost versus the energy production payback for solar modules is generally less than four years. Evidently, solar systems give a significant energy output depending on the size of the system and the strength of sunlight reaching the solar panel. As such, individuals should be educated on how to identify how much energy they use at home so that the proper size of the solar system to suit their needs can be installed for efficiency and dependability.

Myth 7: Solar Panels Require A lot of Maintenance

Solar panel maintenance is another issue surrounded by a lot of misconceptions. People believe that solar panels require a lot of maintenance because they are always outside and exposed to all types of climates, dust, animals, and insects. Therefore, when it comes to the issue of solar energy, many people tend to start thinking about the large sums of money they may have to pay off continually as maintenance costs to cover the heavy maintenance that solar panels require. The thought that after installation, one may have to constantly keep maintaining the solar system makes people back out of going solar, which is not only misleading but also detrimental to the growth of the solar sector.

Fact: Solar panels do not have any moving parts. Therefore, the only type of maintenance necessary is only cleaning the screens to remove dirt and debris that may obstruct the sunlight from properly hitting the screens. Accordingly, maintenance can be done by hosing down the panels once every week or two. Such information is vital for those looking to go solar as it ensures they are encouraged by the fact that maintenance is not as hard as they think.

Solar Panels in Oceanside, California

Solar panels are the answer to environmental protection and sustainability. In Oceanside, California, residents can get a solar panel system installed for between $12,198 to $16,502. After accounting for the federal tax incentive on solar systems, the average price for solar installation is about $14350, according to EnergySage.

Oceanside, California, is a city with a population of over 167,000 people, according to the 2010 Census. The town is a popular tourist destination because of its historic landmarks, beaches, and superb architectural designs. With an arid sub-tropical climate characterized by mild, relatively rainy winters and warm sunny summers, Oceanside is a good location for a solar system.


Extreme Heat Causing Power Outages

Being in the state of California, Oceanside is a city that experiences extreme hits, which sometimes influences the reliability of electricity. However, with the existence of solar panel technology, residents and business owners can easily avoid experiencing the negative impacts of heat waves by installing solar panels and enjoying a reduced electric bill every month. Moreover, focusing on solar panel technology ensures that the Oceanside becomes a better tourist destination as electricity is reliable, and this ensures it's easier for people to prepare in the event of a crisis.

Arid Sub Tropical Climate makes Oceanside very perfect for solar panels, as it is always sunny and warm. Therefore, with a solar panel, individuals are always guaranteed reliable electricity, even in crisis moments. The impact of solar in the society of Oceanside would be a cleaner, happier environment as people would not have to deal with the unreliability of fossil fuels. Furthermore, with a booming solar society, individuals are guaranteed of creation of employment in the city of Oceanside as more construction men and women will be needed to help with the massive installations that will take place.

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Our electric bill was out of control and we had few options to keep our bills down. Literally, we were recommended Go Solar by a helpful friend and they gave us the news about solar installation options. The solar-grid system works great and our bank account is beautiful because we are saving so much money now with our electric bill. We wish we would have switched to solar power sooner. Call Go Solar out to your home today!


My family had a spectacular experience with this company. They installed a total of 10 solar panels. I have been saving a tremendous amount of money on my electricity bill since they have been finished, so I had to say thank you again and again. I will absolutely recommend them to my family and friends. Go Solar is professional and inexpensive!


They showed us some of their options for systems homes in our area. Go Solar was professional and went straight to the most important points about solar panels which gave us a great advantage with our electricity output. I can highly recommend these guys! We saved a bundle on our electric bill which I was so proud of. The solar panel cost was affordable and the solar system works wonderfully. I highly recommend them!

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