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Solar Panels as a Substitute for Fossil Fuels

What is the future of solar panels in the U.S?

Bright Future for Solar Energy

In recent years, solar has become America's fastest-growing energy source. Furthermore, the solar industry has created many employment opportunities, with over 370,000 people employed compared to 187,000 from the fossil fuel industry. With the environmental crisis that the world is currently facing, solar energy seems to be the best solution to the impending disaster that may arise due to the over-exploitation of natural resources. Technological development and research targeted at the solar energy industry have been beneficial in enhancing the influence of solar energy in society.

Solar Power for All Homes

Companies in the solar energy industry have been working hard to ensure that solar panels are available in all homes. They have been involved in marketing and advertising campaigns designed to create awareness of this cleaner's presence and more sustainable energy sources. Furthermore, the fact that many organizations and agencies have been vocal in calling for the zero-emissions initiative as a way to minimize global warming. Therefore, everything that has been occurring in the energy industry has been focused on pushing the agenda of a cleaner, more reliable source of energy: solar.

Storage Problem Resolution

Another primary indication that the future of solar energy is bright is the resolution of the storage issue that is plaguing the solar energy system. In the past, a big concern with solar energy was how to store power generated during the day for use at night. However, in 2015, a company known as Tesla launched a new solar energy product into the market known as the Powerwall. The Powerwall was a revolutionary innovation which was a giant solar-storing lithium-ion battery that allowed energy from the sun to be stored and used at night for different purposes around the home.

Solar Roof Tiles

Another significant invention that proves solar power has a bright future comes from the same company that came up with a solution for solar energy storage. Tesla is a company that has invested heavily in technological development, and one of the areas they have focused on is the development of solar energy systems. The company has recently innovated solar roofing tiles, which collect energy invisibly. The tiles look like any typical ones but have been manufactured in such a way that they can collect energy from the sun, which can then be used in the home. The tiles are already available in the market, encouraging people who seek the convenience and flexibility they bring to solar energy.

Invisible Solar Power

Another significant development in the solar energy industry is known as invincible solar. Although this technology has not become available in the market, it will be a game changer once it hits the market. Invisible solar entails solar windows that strike a balance between light used for brightening a room and captured light that provides energy to be transformed into electricity. Solar windows are still developing; hence it may be some time before they hit the market. However, it is increasingly motivating to see the level of development and ingenuity in the solar industry.

Solar Paint

In 2017, a massive leap in solar technology was made when an Australian institute of technology announced that its researchers had discovered a solar paint capable of generating solar power on its own. The researchers claimed that the paint was made with titanium oxide and synthetic molybdenum-sulfide. This combination of chemicals uses sunlight and moisture to convert water into hydrogen fuel. The combination of these compounds has created a new way of generating energy previously not even considered. Such innovations give individuals hope that the future is bright regarding solar energy.

Solar in the City

The massive switch to solar energy seen in society proves that individuals are slowly embracing the need to use clean energy. This has promoted the appeal of stopping the use of fossil fuels in society. In addition, solar energy is being applied in large cities to create power for different buildings and apartments. Solar energy use in cities would reduce environmental pollution significantly and would also ease the reliance on non-renewable sources of energy, thus ensuring the earth's resources are protected from depletion.

New Solar Technology in 2022

Floating Solar Farms

As a way to ensure the development of solar energy in society, researchers have discovered a new and improved way of making solar panels more effective and efficient at capturing sunlight and harvesting as much energy as possible. When solar panels are placed on reservoirs and other water bodies, they offer many benefits. For instance, floating solar farms can generate electricity without using valuable land or real estate.

BIPV Solar Technology

Another approach to solar energy has been the integration of photovoltaics into the architecture of a building. Integrating these materials in areas such as roofs, curtain walls, skylight systems, and so forth not only saves on space but also creates a pleasing aesthetic for individuals to experience. Some of the benefits of BIPV include the following;
• Increased energy efficiency 
• High thermal and sound insulation 
• Clean and free power output from the sun
 • Decreased O&M costs 
• Zero carbon footprint

Solar Skins

Solar skins are a new approach to custom-designing solar panel systems. The solar skin is used to wrap solar panels to give them a different color and appearance but still maintain their efficiency. These solar skins can be used to upgrade the solar panel system to the desired color or look pleasing to the client to ensure they are satisfied with the system's look. Solar skins are currently being tested to maximize their efficiency. They will be available in the market soon, allowing owners to customize their solar systems and make them perfect.

Solar Fabric

Another major innovation in the solar sector is solar fabric. Since sunlight is everywhere, it would be advantageous if people could generate power while they are on the move. This has given rise to the solar fabric, which allows individuals to create energy as they move around during the day, performing their duties and responsibilities. Researchers have been busy trying to develop solar fabrics by embedding solar filaments into fabrics to help keep the owner warm and even charge the phone at the same time. This ambitious technology could change how people view solar, and scientists are focused on making the technology a reality.

Photovoltaic Solar Noise Barriers (PVNB)

One of the issues in transportation has always been highway traffic noises. Different states in the U.S have constructed traffic noise barriers covering miles of road. However, with the recent focus on making society green, the energy ministry has shifted focus from noise reduction to a combination of noise reduction and sustainable energy generation. With continued innovation, noise barriers can be transformed from mere noise barriers into something sustainable. Integrating solar panels into the noise barriers would be a significant way of generating energy from the sun that could help power many homes and provide many Americans with the energy they need to survive.

Solar Panels in Napa, CA

Solar panels are instrumental in modern society, especially when it comes to promoting green living. In Napa, California, residents can get a $2.82/W solar panel. In addition, the average installation cost for a solar system in Napa County ranges between $11,985 to $16,215. As for the average gross price for solar remains at $14,100, according to EnergySage.

Napa is a city in California founded in 1847. It is a region with a rich history including the birthplace of leather and a place with the most prestigious vineyards in the entire world. Napa has experienced many changes over the years, one of which has been the increased tourism which has led to the development of the hospitality industry. However, due to the state-wide heat wave, the Napa area has been affected by the increased energy demand, resulting in a rolling blackout.

California state has been affected significantly by the rising heatwave, which has promoted the demand for electricity in homes. As such, the power grids in this state have become increasingly overloaded and overburdened, leading to the increased power outages that people have been experiencing.

In addition, due to the heavy traffic caused by the booming tourism industry in Napa, the county's power demands are always high, making solar power the best alternative to relieve the high demand and provide an efficient power supply to households.


Natural Disasters Causing Power Outages

California has been experiencing dryer and hotter climate conditions due to climate change, an issue bound to persist. Other natural disasters, such as strong winds, which registered a hurricane force, have forced utility companies to shut off power lines so that dry bushes and trees will not be blown into power lines to ignite wildfires. According to utility companies, Napa residents should prepare for intentional blackouts which will occur frequently over the next decade.

California is well known for the prevalence of wildfires, requiring residents always to be prepared for natural disasters; therefore, electricity is not a sound decision. As such, installing solar panels is extremely important as it ensures residents are always assured of consistent power to tackle any form of natural disaster when it hits. Napa is also an important tourist destination, and to ensure tourists continue to visit the region, it is vital to have a reliable energy source such as solar power.

The Dry Mediterranean Climate Means Napa Experiences a lot of Sunny Days.

Napa's mountain ranges and proximity to the Pacific Ocean are characteristics that promote a suitable climate for growing fine wine grapes. The summers are long, warm, arid, and mostly clear, while the winters are short, cold, wet, and partly cloudy. The temperature of Napa varies between 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 92 degrees Fahrenheit. Accordingly, Napa is a sunny region that can support solar energy harvest, which could help provide stable electricity to residents.


California is a state that experiences a lot of natural disasters like wildfires and earthquakes. These disasters tamper with the state’s power lines and cause blackouts that people have to deal with despite being in the face of tragedy. The state would benefit significantly from using solar energy as residents would always be prepared in the face of calamity.

Residents of Napa can benefit greatly from the tax break the government has placed on solar goods. This ensures that the cost of installing a solar system is reduced significantly for people to join in this new movement towards becoming carbon emission free.

Furthermore, Napa will benefit greatly as not only will the people have consistent electricity, but tourism will not be impacted due to the power outages that have become a constant occurrence. Rather than risk the chance of a blackout, go solar.

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