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Interesting Facts About Solar Panels

What Makes Solar Panels Unique?

Solar Energy is Completely Free and Renewable

Once you purchase a solar panel, the costs are covered since you will not need to spend anything on the electricity they create or produce.

Solar Panels and the energy they produce encourage household savings, which are highly beneficial in the long term. The sun provides an unlimited amount of energy to the earth, which powers the solar panels within a short time, ensuring users have a constant supply at all times.

Panels are Manufactured with Earth Abundant Materials

Besides offering clean, renewable energy, solar panels are also manufactured from safe materials and resources in the environment. Most available solar panels use silicon as the main component in their composition. Silicon is one of the most abundant elements in the earth's crust; therefore, the risk of depletion is extremely low.

The fact that the solar panels are created with materials that are not harmful to the environment means that they can play a useful role in eradicating environmental pollution. Therefore, investing in solar panels can be considered as a positive move not only because you stop using fossil fuels, but you also get environmentally friendly equipment.

Solar Panels Don’t Need Direct Sunlight to Work

Another fascinating aspect of solar panels is that they do not require direct sunlight to function. While natural sunlight is recommended for maximum efficiency, there are days when clouds are present, limiting the sun from directly shining on the panels.

Cloudy days do not stop electricity production but only reduce efficiency slightly, something that can be resolved with the installation of the storage system. As such, even on cloudy days, solar panels can still benefit from constant electricity, especially when they have proper storage for the energy collected by the panels.

Solar Panels are Durable

Solar Panels are highly durable and can serve users for a lifetime. According to Green match, solar panels typically carry a warranty of 80% of their rated power for 20 or more years. Users only have to worry about a decrease in efficiency each year by a tiny percentage.

Still, the panels remain reliable and valuable for a long time, making them a worthy investment. Research on solar panels revealed that, in reality, they could last for thirty-plus years, which is highly economical.

Possible Drawbacks of Solar Panels and Solutions

Initial Cost

While solar panels are very economical in terms of their durability, utility, and maintenance, their initial cost may seem a bit scary. The cost of purchasing and installing solar panels and their accessories is exceptionally high for a new user. This is mainly because they require a lot of components like panels, inverters, batteries, wiring, and workforce for the installation process. However, the best thing is that the technology is continually being improved, meaning that prices are likely to reduce significantly as innovation continues.Plus, you will save more on electricity in the long run.

Dependence on Weather

Another major issue associated with solar panels and the energy they produce is that their efficiency depends on the weather. Even though energy can be collected during cloudy and rainy days, the panels lose their efficiency in collecting energy which may be noticeable in terms of the electric output. Furthermore, at night solar panels can’t collect any energy, and this is a drawback that discourages a lot of people from switching to solar energy and enjoying the benefits associated with it.

However, since solar panels take in enough energy during sunny days, you never have to worry about a rainy week taking away your electricity thanks to the backup amount of energy that is stored.

Expensive Storage

Solar panels produce energy, which has to be used immediately or stored in large batteries for future use. These batteries are used in an off-the-grid solar system, and the batteries are charged during the day, and the energy is used at night. This is an innovative solution for solar energy that ensures the clock supply of electricity, but it is costly. Those with enough money can upgrade their solar system with batteries, thus ensuring they use solar energy throughout. Hopefully, acquiring these batteries will be much cheaper in the future with the development of the solar energy sector.

Requires a lot of Space

The higher your energy needs, the more solar panels you will need to meet your energy demands. With more solar panels, one can collect as much sunlight as possible to cater to their energy needs. However, solar panels require a lot of space, and some roof spaces are limited. You may think you are unable to fit the number of solar panels needed to satisfy your energy needs fully. The need for a lot of space discourages many people from investing in solar panels.

However, technological innovation and development could soon solve this issue as it is a consistently developing field. A solar expert can also help you find a place to put your panels in an area you may have never considered, so don’t be discouraged.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Solar Panels

  • Maintenance - Switching from a typical energy source to solar energy may seem like a challenging experience. One of the essential elements to focus on after installing a solar energy system is the maintenance of the system. Since solar panels have no moving parts. After installation, the only maintenance task is cleaning the panels to eliminate dust and other debris that may be limiting the sun’s rays from hitting the panels directly. Using a hose to clean the panels is the easiest way to perform maintenance and promote the effectiveness of the panels. This type of maintenance can be done once every week.
  • Surroundings - Another vital element to consider when purchasing solar panels is the surroundings. The area around your home affects the solar panels significantly. Things like trees and tall buildings must be avoided to ensure the panels get the direct sunlight needed to produce the proper electricity output. So, to have efficiency with solar energy, it is essential to ensure no obstructions to sunlight on the rooftop during the day. This may mean choosing an area not blocked by shadows from tall buildings or cutting down tall trees.
  • The rate of Insolation - The most critical component of solar energy systems is sunlight. However, not all regions are similar regarding the amount of sunlight that hits the ground. Therefore, it is essential to know the amount of sunlight that reaches the ground level in your area. This is known as the insolation rate, or how much solar radiation hits the ground. The greater the insolation rate, the higher the electricity production by the solar panels. Additionally, higher Insolation means you can get a lot of electricity from a few solar panels. If the Insolation is low, you must have more panels to achieve the targeted electricity output.
  • The Area of Coverage - The size of the house does not matter when it comes to solar energy. The most critical elements are Insolation, as well as the energy consumption in the house. The house may be small, but the energy consumption may be high, meaning a more extensive solar energy system may be required to power the house. However, a solar panel expert can help assess and find a solution for your needs.
  • The Expense - In the past, solar panels were costly and were only an option for the rich. However, over time, the technology has developed significantly, ensuring that the costs of solar panels have dropped considerably. Previously solar panels cost was about $300 per watt, which was shockingly expensive. But nowadays, the price has dropped to about $7 per watt, making solar energy more affordable for all members of society. However, this does not negate the fact that purchasing a solar panel system for the first time is extremely expensive. Therefore, you have to have enough money for the purchase and installation, after which you can relax and enjoy a stress-free existence regarding electricity. You will spend a lot once and then save for a long time, which seems like a fair trade.

Solar Panels in Del Sur, California

Solar panels are advantageous for their utility. According to Solar Reviews, in Del Sur, California, residents can access a solar panel for about $10,259-$12,539 and save between $47,570-$58,141 within a span of 25 years, according to Solar Reviews.

Del Sur is an unincorporated community in the Mojave Desert in Los Angeles County, California. The town has a tiny population of about 1750 people. However, due to the extreme heat experienced as a result of the dry climate of the Mojave Desert, residents of Del Sur experience frequent power outages.

California is well known for its constant blackouts in the summer, and officials warn residents to conserve electricity at specific times of the day. When state-wide heat waves and dramatic shifts in weather occur, residents are put on alert so as not to overwhelm the power grid. However, using solar panels would be helpful in such a community since the residents would not have to rely so much on fossil fuels for their energy needs.


Extreme Heat Causing Power Outages

California is one of the states in the U.S. that experiences extreme heat waves, which create a lot of negative impacts on residents and businesses. However, with solar panel technology, residents and business owners can easily avoid experiencing the adverse effects of heat waves by installing solar panels and enjoying a reduced electric bill every month.

Depending on the prediction, electricity is not a sound decision. In addition, California is well known for the prevalence of wildfires, requiring residents always to be prepared for natural disasters. As such, installing solar panels is extremely important as it ensures residents are always assured of consistent power to tackle any form of natural disaster when it attacks. Solar panels also ensure Del Sur maintains sustainable environmental protection, which is necessary with increasing climate change.

Desert Climate Means It’s Always Sunny in Del Sur

Where some rainfall falls in the winter and summer, the general climate of the town is dry and sunny. The summers are hotter than in other parts of California, sometimes reaching 49 degrees Celsius. Since Del Sur is a town integrated into the Mojave Desert, the winter temperatures are milder in the town.

California is the best state for solar in America, according to Sunrun, because over the past five years, solar panel prices have dropped by eleven percent, and there is also a 26% percent federal tax credit for purchased home solar systems installed by December 31st, 2022.Residents of Del Sur have incentives to install solar panels and enjoy the convenience and reliability as they promote green living.

Solar Panels Promote Environmental Protection and Sustainability

Since solar panels derive energy from sunlight, they are renewable sources of energy that do not produce any emissions, thus making them clean for the environment. Furthermore, solar panels do not promote the depletion of any natural resources as they rely on sunlight. Solar panels are, therefore, vital in the zero emissions objective as they reduce reliance on fossil fuels and promote the use of cleaner, more reliable energy.

Customer Reviews


Our electric bill was out of control and we had few options to keep our bills down. Literally, we were recommended Go Solar by a helpful friend and they gave us the news about solar installation options. The solar-grid system works great and our bank account is beautiful because we are saving so much money now with our electric bill. We wish we would have switched to solar power sooner. Call Go Solar out to your home today!


My family had a spectacular experience with this company. They installed a total of 10 solar panels. I have been saving a tremendous amount of money on my electricity bill since they have been finished, so I had to say thank you again and again. I will absolutely recommend them to my family and friends. Go Solar is professional and inexpensive!


They showed us some of their options for systems homes in our area. Go Solar was professional and went straight to the most important points about solar panels which gave us a great advantage with our electricity output. I can highly recommend these guys! We saved a bundle on our electric bill which I was so proud of. The solar panel cost was affordable and the solar system works wonderfully. I highly recommend them!


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