This is a special issue of the Go Solar, California! newsletter containing information of immediate interest to all constituents of the California Solar Initiative rebate program.

Update July 29, 2010: New Assigned Commissioner’s Ruling Lifts Hold on Incentive Processing

The California Public Utilities Commission issued a new Assigned Commissioner Ruling (ACR) on July 29, 2010 lifting a temporary hold on the issuance of confirmed reservations for Performance Based Incentive (PBI) and government/non-profit projects established by a July 9th ACR. The July 29th Ruling directs the CSI Program Administrators to resume processing and issuing confirmed reservations for all applications, including those impacted by the temporary postponement and held in queue in the order received, subject to the existing rules and processes of the program.

The Commission will continue to consider the three modifications proposed in the July 9th Ruling (see below), which are 1) removal of the 8% discount rate embedded in the calculation of performance based incentive (PBI) payments; 2) reduction in the incentive rate offered for government and non-profit applicants; and 3) shifting of $20 million from the program administration budget to the incentive budget.

If the Commission adopts either of the proposed incentive modifications, it is intended that such changes would apply only on a going forward basis, applicable to new applications seeking incentives after the date of any such decision.