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New Solar Homes Partnership Calculator

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CECPV Calculator Versions 4.1 and 5.0

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Updated: January 23, 2014

This is a detailed hourly calculation tool based on the 5-parameter model developed by the Solar Energy Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin. The CECPV Calculator incorporates detailed inverter performance modeling and uses weather data from the 16 climate zones in California (as used by the Title 24 compliance calculations).

The MS Excel interface to the calculation engine is provided by the Energy Commission for download and allows the user to select PV modules and inverters from a library of eligible equipment. Please check this website periodically for updates as new equipment may be added to the NSHP eligibility lists. The CECPV Calculator generates the estimated monthly kWh production and annual TDV (kWh) production for the specified system. It also determines the appropriate incentive amount as calculated by the Expected Performance Based Incentive approach outlined in the NSHP Guidebook.

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Note: To qualify for an incentive, residential buildings must receive electricity distribution service at the site of installation from one of four investor-owned utilities (IOUs) in California. The IOUs are: Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Southern California Edison Company, San Diego Gas & Electric Company, and Southern California Water Company doing business as Bear Valley Electric Service. On the list within the calculator, there are cities that are not served by the above utilities. You can determine what utility serves your project by going to the page called Finding Your Utility Company.

Installation instructions, software requirements, and additional information are on the Calculator Download Page.

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