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Performance Monitoring and Reporting Service (PMRS) Providers

The companies listed below offer an approved Performance Monitoring and Reporting Service (PMRS) as defined by the CSI Handbook. Please contact each service provider directly for additional details on their PMRS offerings including specifics on supported equipment. Not all PMRS providers support all CSI-approved inverters or ±2 percent meters.

To add your company to the list of eligible providers, download and complete this form:

PMRS Provider Certification Form
(Acrobat PDF file, 2 pgs, 88 kb)

Non-Utility Providers

Updated as of April 21, 2017

Company Website
A1 Sun, Inc.
A24 Solar Corp
ACA Technology Inc / ACA Solar
Accurate Comfort Systems, Inc.
Alive Industries
All - Pro Electrical Services
Ally Electric and Solar
Also Energy LLC
Alternative Energy, Inc.
Ambassador Energy, Inc.
Ameko Power Solar Corp.
American Solar Direct
Apex Solar, Inc.
Apparent Inc.
Applied Power Technologies (APT)
Around Town Electric
Atlas Solar, Inc.
Avatar Solar Inc.
Bella Solar
Blue Cat Studio, Inc.
BMC Solar
Brett Hinck Electrical Contracting
California Power Save Inc
Canadian Solar Inc.
Candi Controls, Inc.
Captive Fuel
Carina Technology Inc.
Cbeyond Solar Inc.
Chevron Energy Solutions
Chicony Power Technology Co. Ltd
CitiGreen, Inc.
Clairemont Medical-Surgical Center
Clean Power solutions
Clean Power Solutions LLC
Constant Solar Power Corporation
County of San Diego
Danfoss Solar Inverters
DEB Solar
Deck Monitoring LLC
Desert Solar
Diaspark Inc.
Dorado Construction Inc
Draker Laboratories, Inc.
E-Village Solar
Earth, Wind, and Solar, Inc.
Eco Friendly Energy
EKM Metering, Inc
Element Electric
Enecsys Ltd
Energy Inc.
Energy Protection Systems
Energy Recommerce, Inc.
Energy Tracking II
Enphase Energy, Inc.
Eskinder Berhanu & Associates
Fat Spaniel Technologies, Inc.
Flash Technology, a Division of SPX
Free Energy Resources
Freedom Solar
Fresco Solar
Gas and Power Technology, Inc.
GigaWatt Inc
Glu Networks, Inc.
Golden West Energy
Green Source Monitoring LLC
Green Volt Energy
Han's Electric
Hi-Tec Solar and Construction
Hodne Construction, Inc.
Ice Energy Technologies
ICP Solar Technologies Inc.
Independent Energy Solutions
J&M Air Cond & Refrigeration
Jay T. Fraser - General Building Contractor
JK Solar
JT Solar Inc.
Kerrent Electric
Lake Morena Views Mutual Water Company
Laplace Systems Inc
Latura Builders  
Lauritzen Inc.
LG Electronics
LLP Energy
Locus Energy
Logos Solar, LLC
Luminalt Energy Corporation
Maedl Solar
Mark J. Heinz DBA Solar Now
McKinstry Essention, Inc.
metrocontrol GmbH
N2 Electric, Inc.
National Semiconductor
New Day Solar
Newport Power
Nova West Solar
Noveda Technologies
Ohmic Electric
Pacific Power Renewables
Pazz Group, Inc.
Peak Demand Automation
Pell Solar
PG12010, Inc.
Pickett Solar
Pioneer Electric
Power Factors
Power-One Renewable Energy Solutions
Powerhouse Dynamics
Powernet Global Services, Inc.
PR Electric Heating & Air Conditioning
Premier Alliance Inc
Prevailing Wind Power
Pro Solar Systems
Pulse Energy
PV Powered
PVT Solar, Inc DBA EchoFirst, Inc
Pyramid Solar Energy
Pyramid Solar, Inc.
Radback Energy Services
Real Goods Solar
Recurrent Energy, Inc.
Recycling Energy Systems LLC
Renesola Zhejiang Ltd
Renewable Integrator Inc.
Schneider Electric
Semper Fidelis Construction
Sky Power Solar
Skytron Energy GmbH
Smith and Butler Construction
So-Cal Solar
Socal Solar Energy Inc.
Solar City
Solar Data Systems, Inc.
Solar Design Associates
Solar Engineering Industries, Inc.
Solar Integrated Technologies
Solar Power Engineer Corporation
Solar Power Technologies
Solar Power, Inc.
Solar Source Inc
Solar Wave Energy Inc.
SolarBridge Technologies
SolarEdge Technologies
SolarWorld USA
Solectria Renewables, LLC
Sonoma Solar Inc
Sonpower, Inc.
Southern California Telephone & Energy
SunReports, Inc.
Sunrise Solar
SunRun, Inc.
Sunverge Energy
Telvent USA Corp.
The Crest Company, Inc.
Thompson Technology Industries, INC.
Tigo Energy Inc
Tilt Solar LLC
Trimark Associates
Viasyn, Inc.
Whittier Power Systems
Wisual Power
Xslent Energy Technologies

Utility Providers

Company Website
None at present time.